Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Some story ideas

Two lovers stroll along the beach, under the moonlight. The man picks up a stick and draws their names in the sand, with a big heart in the middle. He turns to his love and he says, 'Although the tides will wash this away, our love, like the ocean itself, will be eternal.'
The next day, another man, whose marriage has just broken down, happens upon the faded drawing and is heartened by its youthful optimism. His happiness is shortlived however, as when he gets back to his car, he finds that it has been clamped.

A man runs a failing greengrocers, and on the last day of business, watches as his unsold stock rots. This reminds him of the fragility of life and his own mortality, and as he closes the shutters for the last time, he vows to live life to the full.
A week later, he falls off a mountain whilst rock climbing and dies, but just before he expires he thinks, 'Well, what a load of balls that was.'

A woman is awoke by a noise in her house and gets up to investigate. The next thing she knows, she in unconscious and wakes up in a room she doesn't recognise. Then, as her eyes focus, she realises that she actually does recognise the room, and that she has fallen over her brass pig ornament again.
The next day, she thinks about throwing the ornament out, but then remembers that her Aunty Betty gave it to her before she died, so instead, she sells it on eBay, where it fetches £12.50.

A couple go to a ballet. the woman enjoys it, but the man doesn't and is visibly bored. When they arrive home, they bicker and argue, but the next day they are both dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.

A man buys a brass pig ornament on eBay and is disappointed as it's smaller than it looked on the website. He thinks about leaving neutral feedback, but then leaves positive, because he doesn't want to cause a fuss.
Later, his payslip arrives and when he realises that his employer has overpaid him, has a sly chuckle to himself about how things always seem to even themselves out.

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