Monday, 27 October 2008

A sample...

...of my music news writing. I have just taken a position at 'SkumDisko' magazine as a news writer, and was given this whopper of a story as my first assignment:

A promising young indie band were killed last night after their tourbus skidded off a mountain and into the open mouth of a hungry, hungry Hippo.
The Gnomic Bonobos, an octet from the Isle of Sheppy, garnered considerable hype from the music press earlier this year, with the release of their debut album, 'Pictures of Fanny'; the NME describing it as 'a beast of a record. Like the Clash taking a dump on Brian Wilson whilst fellating Aphex Twin who is lending a Public Enemy record to the jitterbugging corpse of the Dave Clark Five who have been at an all-night cottaging party with the Clash. Wicked.'
The band's manager, Tony McShyster said their deaths were, 'a tragedy,' but conceded that the way they died was 'quite humourous.' Meanwhile, fans have been leaving heartfelt tributes of the band's myspace page, one even commenting that, 'the Gnomic Bonobos were my life.'

They tour from Monday.

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