Monday, 24 March 2008

Eleven Reasons Why Radiohead Are The Best Band In The World

1. They have three guitarists. This means that if one them nips off for a crap or a coffee, they still have just as much firepower as most other bands.
2. The bassist looks a bit like Christopher Walken.
3. They refused to play their biggest hit for years.
4. They released their latest album themselves.
5. They have a reputation for being miserable, which is good because that means they can put cling film over the toilet bowl and no-one would suspect them.
6. They haven’t murdered Mark Ronson yet, despite what he did to Just. They have more self-control then I would in their situation.
7. They don’t go on T4.
8. In tour-documentary, Meeting People Is Easy, they managed to make playing to thousands of adoring fans in the best cities in the world, look like a right ball-ache.
9. They shun those charlatans, Coldplay.
10. They have three guitarists. This means that if one of them decides to fiddle with a xylophone in the corner, the other two can hold down the fort respectfully.
11. The bassist really does look like Christopher Walken, doesn’t he?

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