Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Imagine a beautiful sunset over a calm, blue sea. Nice, isn't it?

Now imagine a man who can't find his car because it's gone dark, so he has to get the bus home. But he gets on the wrong bus! And he's too proud to admit his mistake and stays on that bus for the rest of his life! And his children have no inheritance because he spent it all on fares! And they have to turn to crime to make ends meet! And his only son is shot in the spine in a paracetamol deal gone bad! And he grows bitter, lying paralysed on his bed, day after day, so much so that when a nurse comes to change his bedding, he bites her on the nose! And that nurse just happens to be a nose model on the side, and had to cancel a lucrative job that weekend, posing for 'Noses Weekly!' And 'Noses Weekly' can't take the shock and go out of business! And the editor is forced to take a job at a McDonalds drive thru, but gorges himself on too many Big Macs and dies of a heart attack! And he just happens to be driving a bus full of orphans at the time, for some reason!

Not such a beautiful sunset now, is it?

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