Tuesday, 1 December 2009

ILuvDawkins4eva Message Board Post - Number 1

Barbara1967 Help!
My dog isn't eating!!! Iv'e tryed everything bt he just wont eat his food, waht
can i do?!?!?!???

BaggiesBoy Re: Help!
Take him to the vets, love. Its the only way. Its probly nothing serious!

ILuvDawkins4eva Re: Help!
Yes, take him to the vet. It's the scientific way. And ignore BaggiesBoy, he
doesn't know that it's nothing serious. It could be inoperable cancer for all
he knows, but then again he probably prays to the Flying Spaghetti Monster
so you can't possibly trust his judgement.

BaggiesBoy U r a cunt

ILuvDawkins4eva Re: U r a cunt
Hmm, that's just like you, to make suppositions without empirical evidence.
Just wait until everyone on CommentIsFree hears about this.

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