Thursday, 29 July 2010


I'm very excited now as I'll soon be departing for the Edinbrrr Fringe Festival, where I'll be performing my debut solo show, 'Him with the Hairy Mango' at the Laughing Horse Free Fringe venue 9999 (the Hangman's Knacker, Leith.)

My show will be a frank, autobiographical yarn taking in the first eight years of my life.

LAUGH as I point at a man in the front row and insinuate his shirt is gay.

WEEP as I tell you about the tragic death of my grandad/hamster.

SHIT as you leave the room and sit on the toilet.

PUT some money in the bucket at the end because I need ketamine.

That's 'Him With the Hairy Mango' at the Hangman's Knacker, Leith.

Preview Quotes

'Adequate,' Tamworth Times.

'He tore the roof off the place!' Witness statement after my bulldozer rampage.

'A... show, with plenty... of... laughs. The... show I have ever seen.' Ellipsis Weekly

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