Saturday, 6 February 2010

Competition Time

These are exciting times for me in the world of "comedy" as I've recently been nominated as a finalist for something.
That something is the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year, a prestigious competition previously won by luminaries like Rhod Gilbert, Johnny Vegas and some bloke who now works for Leicester Council.

In the last major competition final I was in, I wasn't that good, and got a particularly savage review, so this time, I'm going to write my own review and send it to the press to save them the bother...

Ben Davids has little in the way of charisma or originality, and if you placed a plank of balsa wood on stage with some jokes scrawled on it in bird shit, the effect would very much be the same.
Every comedian has a bad gig from time to time, but Davids seemed to take this one personally, and raised the question amongst the judges, 'Is it ever appropriate for a comedian to expose his testicles to the audience for a cheap laugh?'
The answer of course is no, and the worthy winner of the evening was Filtrum Kelly, whose warm tales of the London Underground were rapturously received by the Leicester crowd.

Review by Beef Stennet


Anonymous said...

Be as brilliant as you were at Earls Barton on Friday and you shall have no worries.

D x

Apocalyptic Ade said...

Hahaha. I know exactly which gig you're talking about, though Matthew Osborn was a deserving winner I thought! Don't take it so personally - you win some, you lose some. I think you have some great lines in your repetoire, and one or two that easily match the standards of the Premier League (e.g. Milton Jones, Stewart Francis, Gary Delaney, etc.) Good luck - at least this competition isn't judged by the self-appointed critic that is Beef Stennet (*chortle chortle*).

Ben said...

Thanks chaps. Matthew Osborn is bloody brilliant, although I haven't seen him since, which is a shame. Hopefully this time I won't let the nerves get the better of me and actually put in a decent set.