Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Romance and Innovation: Together at Last

Last night, my partner and I went out to a restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. The venue in question was one, 'Big Pam's All-You-Can-Scoff Buffet.' A fine little place where one can gleefully masticate all the lamb chops he desires.
Anyway, as I sat there, pretending to listen to one of my partners lectures about how I shouldn't swill my toothbrush in the toilet bowl, an idea began to form in my mind...
What about a restaurant where instead of you going and fetching your food from a trough, people, employed by the proprietor, namely Big Pam, bring food to you, straight from the kitchen?
They would then wait for you to finish, and wait for you to order more drinks or a dessert; food serving technicians, they'd be called.
I know, it's a crazy idea, but maybe one day in the future, all restaurants will be like my vision, and people will praise me as a luminary and innovator. Maybe, just maybe.

Also, I now have an intestinal blockage.

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